Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back From the Dead With the Wounds to Prove It

Hey guys Im back! Its been a crazy couple weeks since Ive last posted! Went to Disney World as you all know. It was Fantastic. Even in the pouring rain the place is still Magical. It was our first "family" vascation so it did have its challenges but all was absolutely perfect. Aria I am pretty sure did better than any other almost 9 month old baby has ever done confined to a stroller and Baby Bjorn for days on end. I was super proud of her. Of course there are dozens of pictures that document the travels but I have not had the time to figure out posting them on here. To see them youll just have to visit facebook. anyways since returning life has been consumed with Peter Pan the musical. Its actually opening night today!!!! We still had oodles of set preparations upon my return so work has been crazy the last two weeks. Also had rehearsal every night with tech and dress. Tuesday night at dress rehearsal I had an accident where i tripped goin up some stairs and ripped the seam of my right big toe all the way across very deep. Which landed me in the emergency room to have it dressed so i missed all of rehearsing act two. Im aggravated to say the least. Had final dress rehearsal last night and it was painful to say the least even with it wrapped and wearing shoes. We do alot of dancing and jumping around so upon arriving home and removing my wounds dressing I found it had completely opened back up explaining the pain lol. But o well. I have no time to worry about it we have a show to put on tonight! And a Bum foot is the least of my concerns! Im very proud of everyone who got this show on its feet and we have a great show for everyone to enjoy! Like I said it opends tonight ( Which is June 21st) and runs thru Sunday June 24th. Thursday - Saturday the show is at 7:30 and Sunday is a matinee  at 2:30. Bring your friends and family its great family fun entertainment! Hope to see you all here!


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  2. Love it man. I think I'll be at the show on Saturday so dance the dance of your people for me.


  3. Great job last night! The "Lost Boys" rocked.....