Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back From the Dead With the Wounds to Prove It

Hey guys Im back! Its been a crazy couple weeks since Ive last posted! Went to Disney World as you all know. It was Fantastic. Even in the pouring rain the place is still Magical. It was our first "family" vascation so it did have its challenges but all was absolutely perfect. Aria I am pretty sure did better than any other almost 9 month old baby has ever done confined to a stroller and Baby Bjorn for days on end. I was super proud of her. Of course there are dozens of pictures that document the travels but I have not had the time to figure out posting them on here. To see them youll just have to visit facebook. anyways since returning life has been consumed with Peter Pan the musical. Its actually opening night today!!!! We still had oodles of set preparations upon my return so work has been crazy the last two weeks. Also had rehearsal every night with tech and dress. Tuesday night at dress rehearsal I had an accident where i tripped goin up some stairs and ripped the seam of my right big toe all the way across very deep. Which landed me in the emergency room to have it dressed so i missed all of rehearsing act two. Im aggravated to say the least. Had final dress rehearsal last night and it was painful to say the least even with it wrapped and wearing shoes. We do alot of dancing and jumping around so upon arriving home and removing my wounds dressing I found it had completely opened back up explaining the pain lol. But o well. I have no time to worry about it we have a show to put on tonight! And a Bum foot is the least of my concerns! Im very proud of everyone who got this show on its feet and we have a great show for everyone to enjoy! Like I said it opends tonight ( Which is June 21st) and runs thru Sunday June 24th. Thursday - Saturday the show is at 7:30 and Sunday is a matinee  at 2:30. Bring your friends and family its great family fun entertainment! Hope to see you all here!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its That Time of Year

Where life as a staff member for the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts is absolutely insane. Where we are working a minimum of two travel-in shows a weekend,  building sets (Sam, Effie and I) or creating props and costumes (Scotty, Amanda, Wendy, Wanda, and Mom) for a large show during the day, and rehearsing for that same in house large scale musical most week nights. To put it simply these peoples lives are the theatre. And we Love it.

Friday night Kathryn (my fiancee) and I will be heading to Disney World!!!!! It happens to be the same place I last went on vacation. In April of 2010. Im PUMMMMMPPPPPEDDDD!!!!! Hot hot weather, my beautiful Kathyrn, and DISNEY! Seriously could it get any better? YES IT DOES!!!! Wedding Planning!! I know your jealous......129 days and 16 hours until the ceremony begins!!!!! AHHHH so little time. But plenty. I love crazy. I hate sitting still. I hate not having somewhere to go or something to do. I think my life is going to be bliss these next few months because of the business. (and because Kathryns amazing). Anyways where was I...o yeah! DISSSSNNNNNEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! ahhhhhk! Im gonna get so tan. LOL!!! Its my first Future family vacay! Gosh giddy to say the least. June is going to fly by. July will slow down a little just because I wont be rehearsing for anything but concerts pick up even more and also will be in full blown, up to the neck wedding planing. Pray for me. Pray for us. Seriously. put my absolute Disney insomniac giddyness aside and take a few serious sentences in. Pray for Kathryn, Aria and I. Every day please. I would appreciate that greatly. Thank you


Love you all,

Monday, May 28, 2012

My New Life

Not everything has changed. But pretty close. In 9 days it will be the One Year Anniversary of the first day I spoke to my fiancee, Kathryn Elizabeth Coppage. And it wasnt even speaking. It was Facebook messaging. facebook. I had been in rehearsal with her for Guys and Dolls for over a month and never said a word. Not a hello. Not nothing. Why? Ummm Duh. Do you know how cool I was? But then boom. Friend request received and it was on. If you asked her the story she would tell a version Im not so proud of but for clarities sake I'll keep this as honest as I can. I laid it on thick. Seriously. I think I could have actually made a run for the new mascot for Lucky Charms. But hey, it worked. And I couldnt be happier with the outcome. So heres the timeline. June 6th,2011 we were friends straight off, September 29th, 2011 she finally caved in and agreed to date me, and May 13th, 2012 agreed to marry me on October 7th, 2012.  Busy year it will have been when June 6th rolls around. I left out the best part she was pregnant when i met her and had the worlds most beautiful girl and future daughter of mine on September 14th, 2011, Aria Rayne. If I ever figure out how to upload photos I will post some of the two of them. We are getting married at Brasstown Valley Resort. Its amazing and I can"t wait!!! I couldnt have dreamed up a better wife and family to gain. Anyways thats just a little filler as to whats gone on in my life the past year. The next will probably double in insanity but be made worthwhile by the company I keep.

This Blog

Is for exercise. Its for seeing how creative and well I can lay out the days or weeks, activities or thoughts, I decide to write on and about. Its for enjoyment. Yours and mine. If you like it, tell me. If not, tell me. Critique me. Its for conversation. Its for stories. Its for Family. Its for everyone. Blogs are ridiculous if no one is reading them. So if you have one I would like to follow you. Im new to this so you will have to make your blog known to me. Cause id love to read about your life after facebook:) First real blog coming shortly.