Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its That Time of Year

Where life as a staff member for the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts is absolutely insane. Where we are working a minimum of two travel-in shows a weekend,  building sets (Sam, Effie and I) or creating props and costumes (Scotty, Amanda, Wendy, Wanda, and Mom) for a large show during the day, and rehearsing for that same in house large scale musical most week nights. To put it simply these peoples lives are the theatre. And we Love it.

Friday night Kathryn (my fiancee) and I will be heading to Disney World!!!!! It happens to be the same place I last went on vacation. In April of 2010. Im PUMMMMMPPPPPEDDDD!!!!! Hot hot weather, my beautiful Kathyrn, and DISNEY! Seriously could it get any better? YES IT DOES!!!! Wedding Planning!! I know your jealous......129 days and 16 hours until the ceremony begins!!!!! AHHHH so little time. But plenty. I love crazy. I hate sitting still. I hate not having somewhere to go or something to do. I think my life is going to be bliss these next few months because of the business. (and because Kathryns amazing). Anyways where was I...o yeah! DISSSSNNNNNEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! ahhhhhk! Im gonna get so tan. LOL!!! Its my first Future family vacay! Gosh giddy to say the least. June is going to fly by. July will slow down a little just because I wont be rehearsing for anything but concerts pick up even more and also will be in full blown, up to the neck wedding planing. Pray for me. Pray for us. Seriously. put my absolute Disney insomniac giddyness aside and take a few serious sentences in. Pray for Kathryn, Aria and I. Every day please. I would appreciate that greatly. Thank you


Love you all,

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  1. Last time you were in the area; a picture of you and one of the natives: